• How long is my warranty?

    All our products have a lifetime warranty except when you use it for something which was not expected. (Please refer to our General Terms and Conditions)

  • What should I do if my pedal doesn’t work anymore?

    Check if you were using the right 9 Vdc power supply and if it could supply the current specified in the user manual. Check if the problem could be with another part of your audio chain. (guitar, amplifier, others pedals or jacks). Contact us via our After Sales Services form on our website if the problem is still present.

  • How to order one of your products?

    All our products in stock are available on our Reverb shop. Do not hesitate to contact us if you want a custom product or if you have a specific request.

  • How do you ship your products?

    When you order a product, you choose the shipping method that suits you. Shipping costs are add to the product’s price. Then we prepare your order and we furnish it to the carrier. We ship worldwide.

  • Is it possible to return a product?

    If the product doesn’t suits you, you can send it back to us within 21 days from the purchase day. We will issue a credit note of the total of order without shipping costs. It is available through a year.

  • Do you modify effects pedals?

    Please contact us. We can’t and we don’t want to satisfy all the requests but we will do the most interessant of them.

  • What should I do for a custom order?

    If you want a caramel theremin, a waterwheel based oscillator or for more serious custom order, contact us with the form on our website. We will draw up a quote.

  • Do you have partnership with artists ?

    We take a look at each suggestion. We do some discount on our products for the artists we endorse. We have a partnership with an artist in particular for the release of each new product. Please contact us.

  • What are the working conditions?

    Our CEO Bernie put a lot of pressure on us but the passion gets the upper hand. We love our job.

  • How do you make your products?

    We talk a lot to each other and with other musicians. We try to be attentive to the musician’s problems by adding our touch of creativity. The architecture, the nature and the science are main parts of our conversations. Each pedal starts on the paper. With some calculation which are verified or not on a breadboard. Once the idea verified we build prototypes again and again until we get the final result. Each pedal is welded by hand. We use the most considered components for the audio. We choose them carefully. The visual design starts on a piece of paper too and then it’s designed with a software. We realize some tests on the enclosures until we are 100% satisfied. The aluminium enclosures of our “Experience” pedals are designed with a silkscreen printing (made by us) or a UV printing (made by our local partner). The wood enclosures of our “Prestige” pedals are handmade in our workshop with local wood variety. Then for the “Concept” pedals, we release them in limited edition. There is no limit with the electronic and the visual design. This text could be much longer. If you are a curious person don’t hesitate to come speak with us at our workshop.

  • How to contact you?

    You can send us your love letters, your local culinary speciality, especially Colombia Coffee, indispensable element for the conception of a pedal, or your best whisky to : Collision, Place d’Elbee, La Flocelliere, 85700 Sevremont, France. You can contact us via our social network pages or our website.

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