Black Hole Symmetry
The Ranch
Collision was born between 2016 and 2017. As musicians and audio gear passionate, we decided to create our own material. Our values : Authenticity, high quality, innovation and handmade.

Baptiste pay attention to the shape, the texture and the material used on a product. He is inspired by the architecture and the luxury for his creations. He loves refine the design and works the visual aspect in its globality. From the idea to the final product. From the first stroke of a pen to the last wood shaving.

Denis is an electronician. He likes experiment and distort the sound. He works with some sheets of paper, a calculator, some components on a breadboard and a lot of ideas to realize. The sound become aquatic, spatial, solar. As Baptiste, Denis works the electronic design in its entirety, until the last tin vapor escape.

Bernie supervise our work and is our community manager between two nap.

Our workshop is in the West of the France in the city of Angers. Feel free to come visit our workshop and talk with a coffee if you are as passionate about audio than us. Please warn us before coming.

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